Solutions is committed to demonstrating the love of Christ by proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed to women that are at risk for abortion and/or sexual transmitted disease by offering them support and a variety of free services.


Lives Have Changed Forever

Your donations save lives! Because of your donations, we are able to help more abortion-vulnerable women choose life for their unborn child.


Growth Is In The Future

As our center grows, our needs grow as well. With your help, we can continue to help the women who walk through our doors each day.


Christ's Message Is Heard

We impact women with a life-affirming message that makes abortion unnecessary and promote God’s plan for sexual health.


Annual Fundraising Banquet

WHEN: Thursday, March 09, 2023
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how we have helped

I was raised in a Bible-based home, and taught exactly what God expects from my life–utter devotion & a relationship. That said, I wanted no part of those “Christian” morals. I want...Read more


Lisa said, “It’s so wonderful that a place like Solutions exists. I can barely put my feelings into words without being overwhelmed by tears of gratitude. I am truly grateful for Solutions an...Read more


Cara had an abortion at 16 and was considering another abortion at 21. She visited our clinic, but left and made an appointment at PPH. She went for her scheduled procedure and walked out! She co...Read more


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