Church Liasons

Church liaisons are our most critical servant roles as they coordinate with pastors and elders in their fellowships to strengthen the bonds between the Solutions ministry and the Christian community we serve.

Church liaisons foster a symbiotic two-way relationship of service, then support.

Service Awareness

Making the body aware of the Solutions services is the most critical role of church liaisons. We live in a culture with lax standards, and the Christian community is not immune from the temptations to compromise on God’s word for sexual purity.

The Solution’s mission is to impact the culture with a life-affirming message that makes abortion unnecessary and promotes God’s plan for sexual health. That mission should begin in our local church community.

Our supporting churches should be where our young men and women become aware of the resources Solutions provides. Our church liaisons can make this a reality.

  • Sexual risk avoidance education for youth groups
  • Testing and ultrasounds for women who might be pregnant
  • Options counseling for those contemplating abortion
  • Post-abortion counseling and education

Support Awareness

Making the body aware of the support needed by Solutions is the other role of church liaisons. We need the backing of the Christian community to fulfill our mission.

Church liaisons increase the engagement levels in their fellowship across various areas of need.

If you are a liaison or are interested, please consider signing up for a tour! We will begin having tours in the fall and would love for you to visit our NEW Freehold location!!

If you are interested, fill out the contact form below and we will follow up with you to schedule a time. We look forward to partnering with you!